Weburban LLC launches Glucose Manager App

Weburban LLC is pleased to add the Glucose Manager app to their growing line of iPhone applications. This new highly stylized application allows Type I and II Diabetes patients to track prandial (pre and post) blood glucose levels (mg/dl) at multiple time points throughout the day. The app also lets users look up the Glycemic Index (GI) levels for the foods they consume from a database of over 40,000 items. The app is designed for ease of use for individuals of all ages. No Internet connection is needed so the app can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Users can enter pertinent information such as the date, time of day, sample type (pre/postprandial, fasting etc.), blood glucose levels (mg/ml) and GI levels using simple roll out options native to the iPhone. After adding a record, information is stored permanently and can be recalled for review at a later time. Both blood glucose levels and GI levels can be visualized on an infographic sparkline and indicator icons let the user know if their levels fall outside of standard ranges. Through these tracking functions, Glucose Manager allows for individual disease management. Data from the Glucose Manager app can also be shared with physicians/clinicians to monitor disease progression. All vital data can be exported via e-mail or through iTunes Apps Share. Additionally, doctors can obtain an individual’s Glucose Manager data by syncing with an iPad app designed for interactive use by physicians. The iPad app for physicians will be available for purchase by early Spring 2011.  The iPhone Glucose Manger app will be sold in the iTunes store starting 2/1/11.

Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

The Search for Medical Apps on the iPhone

Despite the number of medical and health care applications for the iPhone (nearly 3000) a recent market analysis details the need for greater sophistication in design and functionality for these applications.

A study* conducted by Viactivity Ltd. revealed that applications in the medical category suffer from poor design at the hands of inexperienced developers who lack the expertise to tailor applications to the needs of those in the medical field. Further, the cost of applications seems to be disproportionate to their level of functionality. In large part, many current apps are merely reproductions of previously disseminated information from databases or audio/video materials.

Applications in the healthcare category fair slightly better in Viactivity’s report, however, they do have some drawbacks. Like medical apps, a large percent of the accessible data in Healthcare apps comes from previously cataloged materials. Further, while these devices do show greater technical refinement, they allow minimal interaction with physicians.

Weburban recognizes the need to fill a hole in the medical and Healthcare application marketplace and plans to launch a series of apps designed specifically to address the dilemmas summarized here.

Please visit weburban.com in the upcoming months to check for updates on the release of our new array of medical and healthcare applications.


Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Weburban helps bring Neer to iPhone

Weburban has created an iPhone port for Android Neer Life. The new iPhone-compatible port utilizes iPhone 4’s native features rather than a straight port, creating a fully native iPhone experience. These new features include low power GPS and application multi-tasking which were unavailable on previous operating systems on the iPhone.

Neer uses GPS technology to “privately and automatically share your location with the people you care about”. Unlike similar mobile applications, Neer allows you to select who can see your location and choose the locations were you wish to be seen, providing the ultimate in user autonomy.

Weburban utilized agile project management methods, which included a team-based interactive approach from development to completion of the iPhone version of this existing Anroid application.

Now, devoted Apple users have access to the superior geo-mapping technology provided by Neer Life.

Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

FotoMuse iPhone and iPod Touch application

The newest application out of the studios here is a collaboration between seasoned photographer Kris Gebhardt and the Web Urban team. The result is an application that takes any picture on an iPhone and apply’s Kris’ signature style to it in just a few easy customizable steps. FotoMuse takes its name from Muses in Greek Mythology, defined as the goddesses or spirits who inspire the creation art. We hope that FotoMuse inspires you to make great pictures easily using the iPhone.

When I showed Rob my pictures, he was blown away by the dark emotions I evoke in my photography. Immediately, we started researching how we could take my complicated photographic process to the iPhone and make it easy for anybody to almost instantly produce something like this. FotoMuse is the result of tons of experiementation.

Using the program is simple. It processes images you have already taken, so any image either taken with the iPhone or iPod Touch can be used.

Step 1. Bring an image into the application using the Capture Tab. You can even import an image from iPhoto and edit pictures that you didn’t take with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Any changes you make to the image will not damage or change your original image.

Step 2. Add contrast. The more contrast your image has, the better it will blend with the Borders and Layers. You can press the Color+ or Gray+ as many times as you like to really boost the contrast. However, once you press the Gray+ button all your color will be gone.

Step 3. Choose a Border for your image. The first Border is always blank. Just press down on the screen and swipe to the left to preview all the Borders on your image. We will be adding new Borders with every update, so check back freqeuntly for new versions.

Step 4. Choose a Layer for your image. The Layer will always be processed against the image first, and then the border is processed against both the Border and image. When you see the Layer in this screen it will appear on top of both the border and image, but this is only as a preview.

Step 5. Save your image if you like it. The Save tab shows you exactly what your image will look like once processed and saved. The save button will also change color to indicate that the save was successful. All images are saved in your Pictures Album on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Future Versions

We will immediately be making some changes within the month on two important, free upgrades:

1. A low and high resolution save mode that will add the ability to save large, high resolution files.
2. More Borders and Layers.

As always we welcome your comments and suggestions to make this application live up to its name.


Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Weburban works with 1K on iTunes Extra and LP projects

Weburban is pleased to announce that we are working for 1K studios to bring the iTunes LP and iTunes Extras experience to the next level.

“iTunes LP and iTunes Extras are interactive experiences created to accompany music and movies. iTunes LP lets listeners hear an album and view lyrics, liner notes, band photos, performance videos, and more. With iTunes Extras, viewers can see cast interviews, exclusive clips, behind-the-scenes footage, and photo galleries along with a movie.”

Weburban has produced iTunes LP’s for artists such as the Dave Matthews Band, Led Zepplin, Gorrilaz and others. Further we have designed iTunes Extras for blockbuster movies including X-men and Iron Man.

These advancements have allowed iTunes users to enjoy the full realm of multimedia features iTunes has to offer. We continue to develop innovations to drive the iRevolution in music and film.

Weburban LLC is a Blackberry, iPhone, and Adobe Flash development studio based in Burbank, California.

Weburban enters the Blackberry® market

With the introduction of the Blackberry® App World, developers can now safely distribute their applications into a centrally located mobile-driven purchasing gateway. Now Blackberry users and developers can go to one location to find custom-developed applications that are tailored to work on their phones. For developers, this means there could be an additional revenue stream for a proven business model forged by Apple®.

I think that once you have the framework for mobile application development using the iPhone model, it’s really a small step to take that same success to Blackberry. Their App World™ is a great step in a direction where small studios like Weburban LLC can leverage intellectual property to expand our market.

The market is proven to be a fast growing one, with statistics showing that Blackberry users include young urban professionals, working parents, and high earning business users — all part of a demographic which drives online application sales for lifestyle management tools.

Our first application to App World will be a small utility to manage your locations and destinations. It will leverage the GPS found on most Blackberry phones and use it to help manage our clients, habits, and lifestyles. There is no reason why lifestyle management shouldn’t be promoted on the Blackberry platform.

Promotion of the Blackberry App World has been light, with most of the users being hobbyists and dedicated fans. However, this will change as more developers become savvy to it’s services. The App World can be downloaded and accessed directly in the phone by navigating your Blackberry Browser to: http://www.blackberry.com/appworld

Once you have downloaded Blackberry App World, it will install an application that will allow you to browse and purchase applications right on your phone using the PayPal payment gateway. Currently, one of the most popular applications is FaceBook for Blackberry, a must-have free application for any Blackberry FaceBook user.

Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.