Sydney-based API and ML Boutique Studio

We specialise in developing bespoke, in-house solutions for API hosting, Machine Learning integration, and custom Apple iOS / Google Android application development. We are based in Sydney, Australia and include a small team of Senior Developers, Data Scientists, and Researchers. For free advice or pro-bono consulting, please use the comment section on this post. For … Read more

Top 5 mistakes native speakers make when writing scientific journals

In high school, I once asked a native English speaking friend what she looks for when proofreading other people’s essays and she said “smell.” Interestingly, “code-smell” was a similar concept I encountered when I started working as an iOS developer in San Francisco many years ago. Now, as I find myself proofreading scientific papers written … Read more

Top 3 statistics “white lies” and how you can avoid them

Research, as a deliverable, is increasingly finding its way into industry as big data becomes common place and executive decision-making requires more than just a gut feeling. But beyond looking at averages, medians, and variances, how do we know the statistics we look at aren’t lying to us? Even in scientific research, omission of certain details … Read more

AI concepts for developers

The point of this guide is for the casual developer to get a cursory understanding of artificial intelligence concepts necessary to begin making applications that use various frameworks, libraries, or source code. Having straddled both the software engineering and academic research oriented sides of AI development, I understand how nuanced both approaches can be, especially … Read more