Screwduino with Weburban FTDI

The Weburban Olive FTDI breakout board sold in our store was featured in a write-up demonstrating an Arduino variant called “Screwduino” today. The designers comments:

I find most of the Arduino breadboards annoying. They work fine if you don’t know what you want, but are painful when you are ready to really make something. Then, I saw a screw shield and it looked like the ideal solution for loose wires and breadboard frustrations..

The shield me thinking. It’s a great idea, but why add the shield? Why not just take an Arduino design and replace the headers/pins with screw terminals?

See more here:

Weburban is a software development and graphic design studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

One thought on “Screwduino with Weburban FTDI

  1. I was having the same heartburn with Arduinos. It’s a great desktop thing to play with but real world connections with headers are flaky even if you have the crimp tools,etc… Since I need 10-20, I’m still kicking around designing a board like this one. But for prototyping short term, I unsoldered the headers on my Uno, replaced them with the longer pin Wingshield headers and then soldered on the Wingshield boards.
    It’s a chore but you get screw terminals and headers in a standard board and can also use commercial shields. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fix the mounting hole issues.

    I didn’t find this post until I thought up a cool name and did a search on it. lol

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