Weburban LLC launches Glucose Manager App

Weburban LLC is pleased to add the Glucose Manager app to their growing line of iPhone applications. This new highly stylized application allows Type I and II Diabetes patients to track prandial (pre and post) blood glucose levels (mg/dl) at multiple time points throughout the day. The app also lets users look up the Glycemic Index (GI) levels for the foods they consume from a database of over 40,000 items. The app is designed for ease of use for individuals of all ages. No Internet connection is needed so the app can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Users can enter pertinent information such as the date, time of day, sample type (pre/postprandial, fasting etc.), blood glucose levels (mg/ml) and GI levels using simple roll out options native to the iPhone. After adding a record, information is stored permanently and can be recalled for review at a later time. Both blood glucose levels and GI levels can be visualized on an infographic sparkline and indicator icons let the user know if their levels fall outside of standard ranges. Through these tracking functions, Glucose Manager allows for individual disease management. Data from the Glucose Manager app can also be shared with physicians/clinicians to monitor disease progression. All vital data can be exported via e-mail or through iTunes Apps Share. Additionally, doctors can obtain an individual’s Glucose Manager data by syncing with an iPad app designed for interactive use by physicians. The iPad app for physicians will be available for purchase by early Spring 2011.  The iPhone Glucose Manger app will be sold in the iTunes store starting 2/1/11.

Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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