The Search for Medical Apps on the iPhone

Despite the number of medical and health care applications for the iPhone (nearly 3000) a recent market analysis details the need for greater sophistication in design and functionality for these applications.

A study* conducted by Viactivity Ltd. revealed that applications in the medical category suffer from poor design at the hands of inexperienced developers who lack the expertise to tailor applications to the needs of those in the medical field. Further, the cost of applications seems to be disproportionate to their level of functionality. In large part, many current apps are merely reproductions of previously disseminated information from databases or audio/video materials.

Applications in the healthcare category fair slightly better in Viactivity’s report, however, they do have some drawbacks. Like medical apps, a large percent of the accessible data in Healthcare apps comes from previously cataloged materials. Further, while these devices do show greater technical refinement, they allow minimal interaction with physicians.

Weburban recognizes the need to fill a hole in the medical and Healthcare application marketplace and plans to launch a series of apps designed specifically to address the dilemmas summarized here.

Please visit in the upcoming months to check for updates on the release of our new array of medical and healthcare applications.

Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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