FotoMuse iPhone and iPod Touch application

The newest application out of the studios here is a collaboration between seasoned photographer Kris Gebhardt and the Web Urban team. The result is an application that takes any picture on an iPhone and apply’s Kris’ signature style to it in just a few easy customizable steps. FotoMuse takes its name from Muses in Greek Mythology, defined as the goddesses or spirits who inspire the creation art. We hope that FotoMuse inspires you to make great pictures easily using the iPhone.

When I showed Rob my pictures, he was blown away by the dark emotions I evoke in my photography. Immediately, we started researching how we could take my complicated photographic process to the iPhone and make it easy for anybody to almost instantly produce something like this. FotoMuse is the result of tons of experiementation.

Using the program is simple. It processes images you have already taken, so any image either taken with the iPhone or iPod Touch can be used.

Step 1. Bring an image into the application using the Capture Tab. You can even import an image from iPhoto and edit pictures that you didn’t take with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Any changes you make to the image will not damage or change your original image.

Step 2. Add contrast. The more contrast your image has, the better it will blend with the Borders and Layers. You can press the Color+ or Gray+ as many times as you like to really boost the contrast. However, once you press the Gray+ button all your color will be gone.

Step 3. Choose a Border for your image. The first Border is always blank. Just press down on the screen and swipe to the left to preview all the Borders on your image. We will be adding new Borders with every update, so check back freqeuntly for new versions.

Step 4. Choose a Layer for your image. The Layer will always be processed against the image first, and then the border is processed against both the Border and image. When you see the Layer in this screen it will appear on top of both the border and image, but this is only as a preview.

Step 5. Save your image if you like it. The Save tab shows you exactly what your image will look like once processed and saved. The save button will also change color to indicate that the save was successful. All images are saved in your Pictures Album on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Future Versions

We will immediately be making some changes within the month on two important, free upgrades:

1. A low and high resolution save mode that will add the ability to save large, high resolution files.
2. More Borders and Layers.

As always we welcome your comments and suggestions to make this application live up to its name.

Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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