Weburban enters the Blackberry® market

With the introduction of the Blackberry® App World, developers can now safely distribute their applications into a centrally located mobile-driven purchasing gateway. Now Blackberry users and developers can go to one location to find custom-developed applications that are tailored to work on their phones. For developers, this means there could be an additional revenue stream for a proven business model forged by Apple®.

I think that once you have the framework for mobile application development using the iPhone model, it’s really a small step to take that same success to Blackberry. Their App World™ is a great step in a direction where small studios like Weburban LLC can leverage intellectual property to expand our market.

The market is proven to be a fast growing one, with statistics showing that Blackberry users include young urban professionals, working parents, and high earning business users — all part of a demographic which drives online application sales for lifestyle management tools.

Our first application to App World will be a small utility to manage your locations and destinations. It will leverage the GPS found on most Blackberry phones and use it to help manage our clients, habits, and lifestyles. There is no reason why lifestyle management shouldn’t be promoted on the Blackberry platform.

Promotion of the Blackberry App World has been light, with most of the users being hobbyists and dedicated fans. However, this will change as more developers become savvy to it’s services. The App World can be downloaded and accessed directly in the phone by navigating your Blackberry Browser to: http://www.blackberry.com/appworld

Once you have downloaded Blackberry App World, it will install an application that will allow you to browse and purchase applications right on your phone using the PayPal payment gateway. Currently, one of the most popular applications is FaceBook for Blackberry, a must-have free application for any Blackberry FaceBook user.

Weburban LLC is an iPhone, and Android development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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