HiCon is now offered in Pro and Lite Versions

Weburban is now offering HiCon Lite as a free download to all iPhone users. The Lite version allows a user to immediately take a picture after launching the application, where it then processes the image and saves it to the user’s photo roll. There is no limit to the number of images a user can take, and there is no difference in quality or resolution between Pro and Lite versions.

HiCon Pro offers a great deal more functionality. The introduction of a super quality color mode allows HiCon users to make high intensity color images, as well as taking pictures from either the photo roll or directly from the user’s camera. Optionally, users can save an image that has been processed or discard it. The ability to process HiCon repeatedly on a single image can also intensify the effect producing stiking images. HiCon Pro is offered at an introductory price of $0.99(US) making it a formidable competitor in the iPhone Apps market.

HiCon Lite on the iTunes App Store

HiCon Pro on the iTunes App Store

Search for photos made by HiCon users on Flickr

HiCon Addict Flickr Group

Leaf next to Subway

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