Light Leak iPhone application

Adding to Weburban’s current lineup of applications is a photographic simulation of the plastic cameras people loved to hate in the 1960s. Light Leak 1.0 for the iPhone produces both color and black & white simulated film images with edges that look like light has leaked onto the film, producing jagged borders.

In reality, the pictures are put through an algorithm to produce randomly generated pixel perfect bleeds that punch up contrast by multiplying pixel intensity, especially along the borders of the image. This makes pictures with a large amount of contrast a lot more jagged and bleeding. Images with little or no contrast will look faded and torn.

A large degree of research went into the production of Light Leak, including techniques involving film emulsion transfer, film development using plastic cameras, pin-hole film development, and infra-red film development. Careful study into the effects of light and its gradual attenuation were applied to prevent the images from looking fake, over-processed, or digital. This was particularly challenging since the iPhone’s camera does not allow for exposure manipulation during a snapshot, so all of the processing must account for over or under exposed images.

The latest update to the iPhone application lineup has introduced multi-threading to improve stability and overall speed of processing. Since this application is the most intensive to date, multi-threading was critical to maintaining overall performance and stability and was added to all applications in Weburban’s lineup of iPhone applications.

One thought on “Light Leak iPhone application

  1. Hi, I run the iPhoneography blog, and as its name suggests is dedicated to iPhone photography. I was wondering if you had any promo codes for your apps that I could offer to readers of the blog, and also use for reviewing your apps.

    Many Thanks


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