GothPix 2.0 adds filter customization

The newest upgrade to the Pix line of applications is GothPix 2.0, the premiere application that brought simulated damage and age to the iPhone. The filter acts as a high contrast, high grain, random texturizer for images taken with the application or off the iPhone’s Camera Roll. All images remain in native resolution for maximum fidelity.

The main draw for images made in GothPix are images that can benefit from a dark, gothic mood. These can be floodlit areas at night, self portraits done in harsh lighting, dense urban settings, or bleak wooded areas. Generally, the filter makes images appear more flat, so adding exaggerated dimensions can make the image more interesting. Artists have used harsh light in urban areas to do this, making landscapes that look like they are out of a science fiction horror movie right on their phone.

The GothPix 2.0 free upgrade has provided several key features. Users have requested that controlling the intensity and splatter were important, because at times, an inconvenient ink splotch has covered the face of an important subject. Also, during conditions where light was not ample, the overly intense contrast in the filter was making the image muddy. This has been resolved with the addition of a splatter control (for on and off) and an intensity slider that tones down the application of the GothPix algorythmn.

Additionally, the application uses Weburban’s new application framework that includes the following features:
– images can come from the iPhone Camera Roll, or taken directly from the camera
– one level of undo can revert an image if the random filter turns out ugly
– images can be processed over and over for stacked effects
– images can be selectively saved
– faster processing speeds for the GothPix filter

Weburban is currently working on 3.0 of the application which will inlcude some exciting new features that will bring it in line with Apple’s spacial geotaging initiative. Stay tuned for more information.

3 thoughts on “GothPix 2.0 adds filter customization

  1. Super cool app – was the second app that I’ve decided to purchase – I’m going to have a LOT of fun w/this one. Have already had it crash my 1st gen iPhone tho a few times. Since the algorithms are so heavy, perhaps having a count-down or something when you press on the “Preview” button, or a sound/visual lingering indication at least to let me know that the button got tapped.

    Also turning the Splatter on/off doesn’t seem to actually affect it – if it is there or not ?!?

  2. Hey there,

    I just bought Gothpix last night and I’m having applying the filter to my photos. Got a couple of questions for you.

    1-Is there a way to adjust the opacity of the grunge? Sometimes it really over powers the image. Is there a way to control how subtle the effect is.

    2- Is there a way to have this effect but keep the color info of the image? Does it always have to be B&W in the end?

    Much thanks for creating great filters for the iPhone. KEEP IT UP!!


    1. Currently, GothPix is limited in it’s opacity settings. But we plan to make some changes in the next update:

      1. Allow and high and low quality setting. This will dramatically increase speed.
      2. Allow Black and White + Color processing.
      3. Add the ability to control opacity and placement.

      Tell us what you think!

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