HiCon iPhone application

When HiCon was on the drawing board, there was a lack of high quality black and white photography software for the iPhone. It’s pretty simple to strip the color information out of a picture. However, HiCon amplified the iPhone’s sensitivity to colors allowing the application to be used with infrared filters to turn skys black, or without filters to show harsh gradations in color as rich blacks and whites.

“HiCon was our homage to the early pioneers of black and white photography. We wanted something that had it’s own flavor without compromising the integrity of the artist taking the picture. Many professional photographers have iPhones and use HiCon as an ad hoc capture device — a trusty friend who is always there to take the decisive moment picture when the more serious cameras are away” says Weburban President and Chief Scientist Rob Newport.

The funny thing is that the iPhone is becoming a medium in its own right. It’s slowly evolving into more than just an “alternative” to a regular camera — it’s become an “alternative” to conventional camera photography. At Weburban, we are proud to be part of this exciting evolution.

One thought on “HiCon iPhone application

  1. I recently updated my HiCon app and now I don’t see a feature to do color images, it turns everything black and white. I really loved what HiCon did to my color images. Maybe I’m missing something.

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